Mipim 2020 – The Future is Human

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By 2050, the world will have 9.7 billion inhabitants, of whom 70% will live in urban areas, according to the United Nations. Cities are poles of business activity, employment, education and innovation; their role is crucial in promoting growth that is sustainable, economic and socially inclusive, as well as in surmounting environmental and social challenges. The commitment of all users of cities – reflecting the full range of society – is important in building a common purpose: to implement sustainable goals and to move towards an inclusive future. Local authorities, national and regional governments, and the private sector are an essential component in designing our cities.

However, people – humans – need to be at the heart of every strategy. Central to this is how cities respond to their citizens’ changing needs and the way people relate to each other. Real estate stakeholders are increasingly incorporating the social dimension in their projects. This is to strengthen social interaction, build communities and a sense of belonging, as well as supporting an improved quality of urban living.

We will deepen this topic during the Mipim in Cannes, the leading fair in the Real Estate sector.

Bees Communication has accompanied the most important institutions, private groups, and Italian public-private territorial systems, supporting their participation with promotional activities and business relations geared towards international investors for the promotion and visibility of projects, building areas, and investment opportunities.

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