The four roads for the Milan of the Future

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Davide Agazzi, Matteo Brambilla, and Stefano Daelli are three professionals, who have started to deal with urban development.

Their reflection starts from Milan, where the situation is certainly not the best, with an increase in the poverty line and most of the shops still closed due to lockdowns.

What, then, will be the future of Milan? There are 4 plausible hypotheses to examine:

# 1 ACROPOLIS: private club, paradise on earth, limited exclusive, stimulating and cosmopolitan.

Milan has always been a city of stimuli and praiseworthy initiatives from many points of view: events, design, internationality. A modern Acropolis-style future wouldn’t be all that unimaginable.

# 2 IRREGULAR: abandoned ground of experimentation and conquest, informal and unpredictable

Milan as a land of conquest? Italian decadence is famous, but Milan has always stood out for innovation and an eye to the future.

# 3 LIGHT: city on-demand, without ties, connected, fast and functional.

Features that the city already has. Fast and efficient, above all, are the values ​​of this point on which Milan is and will remain a true teacher.

# 4 CONTRADA: city of neighborhoods, provincial, close, active, friendly, controlled, decent, standardizing, conservative.

How to imagine a future different from the one that Milan already has? Activism, friendliness, and a healthy dose of conservatism are the qualities that could be developed shortly.


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