our staff


Virginia Sarah Crowley

Co-founder of Bees Communication and International Director


I was born in England, grew up in the United States, moved to Italy, graduated first in England and then again in Bologna, Italy. It’s evident that putting roots down in one place is not among my priorities.

My priorities are my job, which I love and that is my source of energy, my family, and having positive people by my side.

For my studies, I chose a degree that allowed me to deepen a passion of mine – Fashion Design and Marketing. When I returned to Italy, I started working in one of the most important communication agencies in the country, where I realized that I could keep fashion as a passion, while developing my career into a wider field.

After all, the creativity, organization and continuous “vivacity” that characterizes design is daily applied to what my job is today.

In 2012, Bees Communication was born, which over the years has become a reality full of people, projects, and clients who make our agency different from the many others who work in the field of communication. As of 2016, I am the Italian Director for the Tennessee Department of Economic Development, a role that allows me to daily come in contact with companies of excellence and with an international aspect.

Organizing, developing new ideas and strategies, and coordinating our very prestigious clients are my favorite thing.

Passions and Hobbies:
My dog Madeline and the walks I take her on through the city streets, meeting and talking to new people, traveling, the sea, fabrics, fashion, packaging, music, good food and wine, having the opportunity to unleash my creativity, simple but beautiful things and searching for them, everywhere.

I’ve always collected miniature items, especially those I use in everyday life.

In three words
Creative, determined, curious.



Fosca Bagaggia

Business Development USA Director


Born in the late 80’s in Bologna, I grew up in the city of the Two Towers until I decided to move to London after finishing high school (Liceo Classico).

My professional experiences have led me as far as Africa, and at the end of a gap year, upon returning to Italy I began working with a communication agency as the head of guerrilla marketing projects and human resources.

In 2013, I had the opportunity to move to the United States, where I live to this day and where I began my Real Estate focused career. In 2017, I became the Business Development Director in the United States for Bees Communication, a role that gives me adrenaline, ambition and energy to achieve my goals, no matter how long it takes.

Passions and Hobbies:
Cooking, traveling, motorbikes and vintage cars, sailing.

In three words
Resilient, dynamic, transparent.



Elisa Cerini

International relations


I was born and raised in Milan, and I’ve been lucky enough to live in Bologna for almost three years. By nature, I’m an organized and social person, with a great desire to travel. These particularities helped me on my career path in event organization and business development, roles in which these characteristics are fundamental.

After having finished my studies in economics and marketing, I dove headfirst into work, and I had the opportunity to collaborate with important agencies and companies at the national level that allowed me to cultivate my industry know-how and to meet splendid individuals.

These colleagues and friends supported my professional growth and helped me understand that any successful project must have at its base willpower, humility, and the ability to work as a team. A good leader isn’t one who commands, but she who helps the entire team look in the right direction to achieve a shared victory!

Passions and Hobbies
I love reading outside, singing in my car at the top of my lungs (it’s best when done with girlfriends…), and I have a passion for sports in general, with a predilection for horseback riding.

In three words…
Smart, precise, radiant



Silvia Spinelli

Events and International Relations


I was born in Bologna, but I see myself as a global citizen. In recent years, I have visited and lived in four different continents.

Traveling gave me the possibility to grow, train and work in stimulating environments, meeting dynamic and inspiring people.

I am interested in the international economy sector; this is the reason why I took a bachelor in Economics at the University of Ferrara and a Master of Arts in International Politics and Markets at the University of Bologna.

After my studies, I began my professional career at the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong and Macao where I realized how communication, networking and event organization are crucial factors in the internationalization process of businesses.

Because of this, I decided to focus and specialize in this area, attending project management, intercultural communication for business, digital communication and social media courses.

I aim at being excellent: for this reason, I always set high goals for myself, and now I am ready for this new challenge in Bees Communication.

Passions and Hobbies:
Traveling, dancing, sewing and video making.

In three words…
Energetic, curious, pragmatic



Claudio Giannasi

Bees Communication Partner


Born in Bologna, several years ago I moved to the green hills of the Apennines. After completing my degree in Philosophy at the University of Bologna, in the late 1980s I started my professional career in the publishing world and in particular in the Bolognese newsroom of a national newspaper, becoming a professional journalist in 1995.

Exactly at the turn of the millennium, I also started an unusual and very interesting journey in Communications. For twelve years, I worked as a senior manager at one of the most important and innovative communication agencies nationwide.

An experience that, apart from personal growth, enabled me to evolve my content writing skills into the development of complex communication and marketing projects and the design and coordination of editorial initiatives also for web media.

Over the last few years I have “specialized” in the field of promoting the territory with particular attention to projects focused on the urban development of cities; delicate and fascinating microcosms that are constantly evolving and “marketing products” to be exported globally, offering continuous creative ideas for the design and implementation of new projects.

This is what my modest contribution to the Bees Communication team consists of.

Passions and Hobbies:
Literature, philosophy, music, landscapes, food & wine

In three words:
Eclectic, thinker, precise.


Giuliano Cavalieri

Director of Tourism Sector and Logistics


Born in Reggio Emilia, I graduated in the late 70’s from the Istituto Tecnico Superiore of tourism in Florence.

Traveling has always been my passion which is why I chose to focus my professional career on tourism; a job I have been doing for forty years and that has allowed me to visit many different countries around the world.

Within the Tourism sector, I have held various roles, particularly in the areas of promoting and developing new businesses.

I brought my international experience into the Bees Communication team where I follow the development of tourism related projects and the logistics of study tours.

Passions and Hobbies:
Fishing, traveling

In three words
Curious, traveler, empathic.