November 2019 Miami

Bees Communication is the official partner of Archmarathon Awards, the leading international contest dedicated to contemporary architecture and interior design, which fourth edition has taken place in Miami and ended on October 14th, 2017 with a focus on the world of design in Central and Latin America, Canada and the United States.

The event featured 44 design studios operating on the American continent (selected in the pre-event phase) that presented their projects, divided into eight macro categories, to a selected audience of companies and professionals belonging to the different fields of design and construction, from all over the world.

Throughout the three days of the event, there’s been continuous B2B meetings sessions, two networking cocktails and one gala dinner, during which the participating companies have had the opportunity to meet the different design studios, get to know their projects in detail, and test potential business and collaboration opportunities.

At the end of the event, the Jury led by Luca Molinari, David Basulto, David Assael and Francisco Pardo together with the Grand Jury chaired by Sebastian Salvat and Alejandro Paredes Fontanals chose to prize one project per each macro category and an overall winner, for the most excellent one.

This year the prestigious award was conferred to Rozana Montiel | Estudio de Arquitectura + Alin V. Wallach – Common Unit with the following motivation:

the project solved the problem of segregation transforming boundaries and limits into encounters and quality of life creating a community building.

At the end of the event, a jury composed of industry experts will award a prize to the winning projects of each macro category and an overall winner will be awarded for the best project.

Archmarathon Awards is an event created by Publicomm, the Editorial Group of the magazine Platform Architecture & Design that, alongside with its cultural core, back-up a deeply business-oriented spirit (in which Archmarathon is the key event) by building connections in the architecture and construction landscape on a global scale.

Active in more than 20 countries and with a network of over 400,000 international architects, it is on the market as a recognized cultural player and as a business facilitator for companies.

The next Archmarathon Awards will be held in Milan, Italy on November 2018 and it will involve design studios from all over the world, while Miami will host another edition in 2019, at great demand, given the success achieved.

Bees Communication has supported Publicomm during the commercial and promotional stages before Archmarathon Awards while throughout the whole event it has been an operative logistical supporter assisting also the organization of the second networking cocktail within the iconic Citco Showroom where art and marble combine together in outstanding projects.

Full list of winners below:

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