General state of the green economy in Emilia-Romagna – Event 2018

 In Bees Communication, Bologna

The final event dedicated to “General state of the green economy in Emilia-Romagna region 2018” took place this morning in Bologna at Opificio Golinelli.

The third edition of this convention is the result of a cross-sectoral path of work, meetings and ideas sharing which has as its main objective the deepening and discussion of future strategies and actions which should be implemented in the field of green economy for a more sustainable future and according to the general principles of Agenda 2030 – the action program subscribed in September 2015 by UN Countries.

The event involved numerous companies, local authorities and citizens, that had the chance to listen to speeches of institutions, professors and experts.

After the welcoming by Antonio Danieli, General Director of Fondazione Golinelli, the event opened with the discussion about “Sustainable future. A systematic approach to Green Economy” by Councilor Palma Costi.

The event has continued with the presentation of the workshop results, which originate from four thematic workshops held in Bologna in the last weeks, dedicated to a deeper analysis of green economy related to agriculture, sustainable mobility, environment and productive development. Conclusions were presented today in the following session, respectively dedicated to the four workshops:

  • “Green economy & Productive Activities” presented by Francesco Matteucci, Manager of Greentech Energy and Sustainable Development Clust-ER and workshop’s spokesperson, supported by Palma Costi, Councilor to productive activities, energetic plan, green economy and post-earthquake reconstruction.
  • “Green economy & Environment”, presented by Edo Ronchi, President of sustainable development Foundation and by Paola Gazzolo, Councilor to soil and coast defence, civil protection, environmental and mountain policy.
  • “Green economy & Agriculture” by Davide Viaggi, Bologna University Professor at Science and Agri-food Technologies Department and by Simona Caselli, Councilor to Agriculture, Hunting and Fishing.
  • “Green economy & Mobility”, introduced by Andrea Simone, Bologna University Professor at Civil Engineering, Environmental and materials Chemists Department and by Raffaele Donini, Councilor to transportation, infrastructure networks, territorial planning and digital agenda.

To conclude, President Stefano Bonaccini and Enrico Giovannini, spokesperson of Italian Alliance for Sustainable Development, faced the theme of “Sustainable Utopia”.

Bees Communication is glad to having participated to this event and recognizes and supports actively the importance of a sustainable development and the participation to a common plan.

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