Emilia Romagna Region Delegation visiting Pennsylvania

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During this week an institutional delegation from Emilia-Romagna Region is visiting Philadelphia to meet some professionals and facilitator companies that support export and internationalization processes of Italian companies to the US.

Palma Costi, Councilor to Production Activities, and Ruben Sacerdoti manager for Attractiveness and Internationalization services, accompanied by Patrizia Marani, Director of the Pennsylvania Representative Office in Italy, together with the Pennsylvanian staff of DCED (Department of Community and Economic Development) are spending two full-agenda days, with meetings aiming at strenghtening links and determining potential bilateral agreements between the two territories.

This synergy will be furter favoured by the creation of a direct flight Bologna – Philadelphia, which will be operative starting from the 6th June 2019, thanks to the agreement with American Airlines which represents for Bologna International Airport G. Marconi the first direct scheduled flight to Pennsylvania and the beginning of a partnership with American Airlines.

Today, Pennsylvania is home to more than 85 Italian companies, providing over 2,800 jobs in the State. Among these companies some excellences from Emilia-Romagna Region such as DataLogic, Menarini Silicon Biosystems and Woolrich International stand out.

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