Bologna and Florence: a new collaboration!

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The Emilia Romagna and Tuscany regions have set themselves an ambitious goal: to combine objectives and resources to synergistically develop future projects. The collaboration between the four entities: Florence, Bologna, Tuscany, and Emilia Romagna began symbolically, just a few days ago, with the signing of the “Pact of the Apennines”.

Since some years, however, the mayors Dario Nardella and Virginio Merola have been discussing the various initiatives that already see a common work with the desire to broaden the field of action to other sectors that also affect regional systems. Now everything is finally ready to give life to a shared path with the aim of quickly concrete results with respect to the enhancement of the territories and the growth of local communities with particular attention to economic and social sustainability. There are many areas to be developed: culture, tourism, fairs, and conferences but also advanced training, infrastructure, mobility, and competitiveness of the territories.

Furthermore, a common will is to implement attention to mountain areas and services, starting with waste management. Without forgetting sport, equally important: with the confirmed goal of having the Tour de France in 2024 between Florence and Bologna and, in fact, the most impressive goal, the 2032 Olympics, which would become a great project for the whole of Italy.

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