Bees Communication’s 2020

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In this time of the year, we make it a habit to take some time to debrief our year (whether it is aloud, in black or white, or to oneself).
We think of the positive aspects, our achievements, our failures, what could have been done better, the projects, and above all the people we are grateful to.
Although given the current situation, there isn’t necessarily much to stop from, we would like to make the same considerations.
And as for everything, this year will be a different debriefing.

When we founded Bees Communication 8 years ago, we knew broadly what we wanted; we dreamed of stability, ambitions, and a life project that was gradually sewn to the extent of our prospects and investments.
Year after year, the meshes of these seams have expanded: Bees Communication has grown thanks to the acquisition of new customers, projects, collaborators, and dreams.

Representations, trains, large delegations, flights, exhibitions, conferences, pavilions.
Networking and meetings to exchange information, listening to learn, and speaking to inform.

Then, 2020 came and the world had to stop.
We had planned a year full of news in Bees Communication, starting with a very high-level edition of Mipim with the presence of new exhibitors, visitors, and Italian projects.
We had many plans, ambitious projects and big dreams to share with those who have always been by our side throughout the years.

In the first months of the pandemic, we had to manage the complex criticality that involves postponing and then canceling an event that involves over thirty thousand people.
Our customers and suppliers looked at us as a frightened passenger would look at a flight attendant during a sudden turbulence, even though we ourselves felt the same sense of emptiness.
Thanks to the solidity and professionalism of Reedmidem, the organizer of Mipim, we were able to respond to all the needs and difficulties raised by many Italian customers.

The lack of certainties of the global economy, travel restrictions in addition to the US elections caused an abrupt halt on the activities that we usually carry out for the representation of the states of Tennessee and Pennsylvania.

Although our days were filled with virtual journeys between ‘calls’, ‘webinars’, and online lessons, we suddenly came into contact with a lifestyle unknown to us: a slow-paced one.

We all associate this year with negativity, even Bees has certainly suffered from this, but no matter how obvious it may seem, we have learned to realign priorities and that, behind all our projects, there are the values that matter: relationships on a human level. and ‘real’ people, to whom we are truly grateful. Grateful because despite everything, in these long months, the relationships have continued to consolidate, always showing great empathy and mutual respect.

We leave 2020 with the awareness that we are therefore lucky to represent the entities that identify us, to be surrounded by customers, partners and collaborators who we often also consider friends.
We are ready for 2021 in which we hope to be able to start again by continuing to do what we are most passionate about; our job.

We wish everyone a happy holiday, a prosperous new year and a prompt recovery towards the much-desired normality.


Virginia Sarah Crowley and the Bees team

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